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Day 21 of 100: First Degree Pre-Obligation

Today marks three weeks of of learning Masonic Ritual and following learning the Investing of the Officers and Closing the Lodge ahead of the Installation, we have now opened the Lodge in the First Degree and making headway into the First Degree. Yesterday was the Declarations, and I...
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Day 20 of 100: First Degree Declarations

Day 20 of the 100 Day plan to learn the Masonic Ritual. That’s a fifth of the way through – not a massive slice of the ‘ritual pie’, but when you look back over what we have already covered during the last 20 days you see that we should be...
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Day 19 of 100: First Degree Parambulations

Day 19 of the 100 Day plan to learn the Masonic Ritual. Yesterday we started learning the Ceremony for the First Degree. We aren’t looking to get this word perfect at this moment in time, but to get to grips with what your lines as Worshipful Master are,...
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Lodge of Instruction is for Rehearsal

Lodge of Instruction (also known for short a LoI) isn’t where you go to learn your Masonic Ritual, it’s where you go to rehearse it! Many times I’ve seen (and I think we are all guilty of this when we start!) a Master Mason attending Lodge of Instruction...
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Day 18 of 100: Opening the Lodge

Day 18 of the 100 Day plan to learn the Masonic Ritual. We’ve spent 17 days going over the Installation Ceremony and you should be pretty much on top of it now, just needing a few prompts, although with 83 days to go you shouldn’t need to panic....
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Day 15 of 100: Investing IPM and Wardens

We’re over two weeks into the 100 Day Study Plan to learn Masonic ritual. Hope you aren’t bored yet! Since we started we have now gone through the Installation ceremony (at least the parts the Master Elect needs to learn) a couple of times now. Hopefully there are now parts you have...
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Day 14 of 100: Investing Officers and Closing

We’re now two weeks into the 100 Day Study Plan to learn Masonic ritual. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the time flies?! There’s still 87 days until the Installation, and as long as you’ve been putting in sufficient work each day you should be quite pleased with what you have...
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